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2017-09-19 17:18:00
Visit this page frequently, as we will be publishing the latest tenders. You may participate in the tenders by downloading the tender forms that will be made available online, as and when we publish the tenders in the various media.
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2017_KMML_137015_1 Distributed control system (dcs) for the existing pigment production plant 09-08-2017, 14:32Hrs 28-09-2017, 14:00Hrs 8 Days 20 Hours 42 Min  More
2017_KMML_136562_1 Tender for water curtain system 09-08-2017, 15:00Hrs 22-09-2017, 14:00Hrs 2 Days 20 Hours 41 Min  More
2017_KMML_145143_1 Tender for fabrication & supply of recycle gas cooler 324/325 24-08-2017, 16:00Hrs 22-09-2017, 17:00Hrs 2 Days 23 Hours 41 Min  More
2017_KMML_146232_1 Supply of ptfe pipe fittings 29-08-2017, 16:15Hrs 23-09-2017, 17:00Hrs 3 Days 23 Hours 41 Min  More
2017_KMML_146174_1 Supply of ss pipe 29-08-2017, 16:25Hrs 23-09-2017, 17:00Hrs 3 Days 23 Hours 41 Min  More
2017_KMML_148292_1 Supply of 1100v grade xlpe insulated over sheathed, steel armoured aluminum conductor of size 3 ½ x 240 mm2 conforming to is 7098 part- i 07-09-2017, 13:59Hrs 03-10-2017, 17:00Hrs 13 Days 23 Hours 42 Min  More
2017_KMML_148282_1 Design, engineering, procurement, packaging & forwarding, supply, transport to site, unloading, storage at site, site fabrication, erection, painting, testing and commissioning of pipe lines including civil and structural support for transferring furnace oil and hydrochloric acid from barge unloading facility (at eastern bank near our mineral separation unit) to the respective storage tanks at kmml’s tp unit 07-09-2017, 14:05Hrs 28-09-2017, 15:00Hrs 8 Days 21 Hours 42 Min  More
2017_KMML_146403_1 And supply of 2,05,000 numbers polythene product bags in mineral separation unit 11-09-2017, 13:10Hrs 09-10-2017, 17:00Hrs 19 Days 23 Hours 42 Min  More
2017_KMML_149376_1 Tender for the work of ponmana mining site-1 11-09-2017, 13:15Hrs 11-10-2017, 15:00Hrs 21 Days 21 Hours 41 Min  More
2017_KMML_149377_1 Tender for the work of mechanized collection of mineral sand, economic way of loading, transporting the same in tippers (rear dump trucks) from ponmana beach front and supplying to the premises of pcp-ii /m.s.unit 11-09-2017, 13:20Hrs 11-10-2017, 15:00Hrs 21 Days 21 Hours 41 Min  More
2017_KMML_149380_1 Tender for the work of economical way of loading and transportation of tailings sand in tippers (rear dump trucks) from pre concentration plant-i tailings site ponmana, to mined out pits at kovilthottam, unloading and levelling 11-09-2017, 13:25Hrs 11-10-2017, 15:00Hrs 21 Days 21 Hours 41 Min  More
2017_KMML_147447_1 Appointment of c&f agents for undertaking clearing and forwarding of tio2 and other products for export 11-09-2017, 15:20Hrs 23-09-2017, 17:00Hrs 3 Days 23 Hours 41 Min  More
2017_KMML_148123_1 Tender for the supply of saturated steam tubes 12-09-2017, 18:00Hrs 30-09-2017, 17:00Hrs 10 Days 23 Hours 42 Min  More
2017_KMML_147436_1 Tender for buses/mini buses for transport facility 12-09-2017, 15:40Hrs 27-09-2017, 17:00Hrs 7 Days 23 Hours 41 Min  More
2017_KMML_150254_1 Supply of product classifier assembly c40 14-09-2017, 12:58Hrs 13-10-2017, 17:00Hrs 23 Days 23 Hours 42 Min  More
2017_KMML_150259_1 Supply of demister catridge for demister vessel 14-09-2017, 13:20Hrs 13-10-2017, 17:00Hrs 23 Days 23 Hours 42 Min  More
2017_KMML_150155_1 Annual contract for clearing vegetation/grass/saplings within kmml premises 15-09-2017, 15:00Hrs 20-10-2017, 15:00Hrs 30 Days 21 Hours 41 Min  More
2017_KMML_150904_1 Fabrication, painting, laying of pipelines & erection of structurals for lng distribution system at kmml 16-09-2017, 12:00Hrs 25-10-2017, 14:00Hrs 35 Days 20 Hours 41 Min  More
Serial No.
Posted Date & time
Last Date & Time
More Details
TP/WST BAG/17 dt.08.09.17 Disposal of empty lime bags/cement bags/paper bags 12-09-2017, 13:00Hrs 25-09-2017, 10:00Hrs 5 Days 16 Hours 42 Min  More

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