Water Pollution Control Measures adopted by KMML

Centralised Effluent Neutralisation Plant

The present system of wastewater treatment adopted by KMML is neutralisation of the wastewater with lime in the Centralised Effluent Neutralisation plant. The treated wastewater is then pumped to the settling ponds for solid settling. The supernatant overflowing to the polishing pond is pumped to the sea.

The settling ponds were constructed as per the guidelines. The solid wastes generated from Centralised Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) and Acid Regeneration Plant (ARP) is presently being stored in these lined ponds.

We have a sophisticated instrumentation system for the continuous recording of the pH in the Secondary Neutralisation Tank of our ETP. The quality of the pH of the treated effluent is continuously monitored and controlled with the aid of this system. The pH of effluent in the polishing pond is checked daily and reported to the Pollution Control Board (PCB) every month.

Construction of new secured landfills

KMML is constructing two new secured landfills for storage of the Effluent Treatment Plant sludge and the iron oxide. The area of these ponds is 36,000 m2 each and they are being constructed as per the CPCB guidelines. The construction of these ponds are fast progressing.