KMML possesses major research and development facilities positioned to serve customers around the globe. We are customer-specific and close relations with our customers bring innovative applications to new and emerging markets to meet diverse needs thus enabling us to create new products and enhanced solutions.

We seek to seize new opportunities to meet the challenges with products that are both efficient and environment-friendly. We bring innovative chemistry to our customers mainly through:

  • Streamlined portfolio of products that is key to the growth of our business
  • Product innovations and customer-specific applications through continuous improvement of our products
  • Improvement of production efficiency

The Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR)-recognized state-of-art facility houses scientists, technicians and well-equipped laboratories. Working closely with production and sales service teams enables our R&D to develop new pigment grades and other products as well as to improve existing grades so as to meet ever-increasing stringent technical requirements of customers. This ends up in products of high quality with superior performance tailored to specific customer applications.

Based on the strong belief that research is the key to develop new products, KMML inaugurated its new R&D center in March 2021 for allowing more efficiency and promptness in new developments. The center will be instrumental to the development of next generation TiO2 and other products especially for specialty applications. The center features powerful state-of-art facilities to support the development of new products and to characterize newly developed products.

Our R & D has achieved the following tasks in recent times:

  • Successfully developed an improved process for Oxidation plant (Supported Combustion and Bypass Streams) enabling higher productivity and capacity enhancement
  • Developed know how to convert Iron Oxide byproduct to Construction Bricks
  • Developed new Hydrophobic TiO2 grade RC-804 with superior Lacing Resistance for high-end plastic applications such as engineering plastics
  • Developed new TiO2 grade RC-808 with superior Gloss and Tint Retention, for automotive as well as other coating applications
  • Developed Customer-specific Formulation for use of TiO2 pigment in Dealer Tinting Systems after collaborative studies with beneficiary customer
  • Developed new products, Nano TiO2 and Titanium Oxychloride
  • Developed know-how for TiO2 grade for Décor paper and laminate applications
  • Developed Single Leaching Process for Ilmenite Beneficiation Plant enabling enhanced production of Synthetic Rutile
  • Developed Universal TiO2 grade, RC-829 combining excellent Optical Properties and good Durability for the broadest range of applications
  • Developed RC-800PG+, an improved TiO2 grade with enhanced Dispersibility for plastic applications
  • Substitution of Silica Sand with Carbo Beads as Scouring agent in Oxidation plant
  • Successfully improved in-process TiO2 dispersion by substituting Silica Sand with Zircon Sand as wet milling medium
  • Developed RC-822+, an improved TiO2 grade which combines outstanding Durability, Gloss Retention and high Tint Strength for coating applications
  • Conceptualized and studied Hot Bag Filter System in Pigment Finishing Unit


The ongoing R&D activities include

  • Environment-friendly process for Ilmenite Beneficiation
  • Value-addition of Iron Oxide Byproduct
  • Improvement of TiO2 grade RC-813 for flat coatings
  • Alternate Cost-effective Dispersion Technology for Base TiO2 Pigment
  • TiO2 Agglomerates as an alternate Scouring Medium in Oxidation Unit
  • Alternate Eco-friendly, Faster and Cost-effective Optical Density Technique for evaluation of TiO2 end-use performance
  • Development of Pearlescent Pigments
  • Management of Effluents