1974 Letter of Indent for the production of 48,000 tonnes of Titanium Dioxide Pigment through Chloride process technology. Collaboration agreement with:
Benelite Corporation of America, USA – Synthetic Rutile Plant. Woodall Duckham, U.K – Acid Regeneration Plant Kerr McGee Chemical Corporation, USA – Titanium Dioxide Pigment (Chloride process)
1979 Construction of plants started at Sankaramangalam, Chavara, Kollam
1983 R&D recognition for KMML laboratory by DSIR.
1984 Commissioned the first fully integrated Titanium Dioxide Pigment Plant in the world. Launched for the first time in India, Rutile grade Titanium Dioxide Pigment under Trade Name: KEMOX RC-822.
1992 Launched another grade of Titanium Dioxide Pigment – KEMOX RC-800.
1992 Launched Plastic Grade Pigment – KEMOX RC-800 PG. 1992
1992 Won the First National Award for in-house R&D efforts in Industry for Technology Absorption under TAAS programme by DSIR
1997 A new grade of pigment for the new water based paint application was introduced – KEMOX RC-813.
1998 Launched another improved grade pigment – KEMOX RC-822SG (Renamed as KEMOX RC-802)
1998 Commercial production of Iron Oxide Bricks from the waste Iron Oxide – an innovative development by in-house R&D.
1998 Supported Combustion Process was successfully commissioned in one of  the streams in the Oxidation Plant. This In-house developed process is a significant break through which enables KMML to improve productivity of the plant and for further capacity enhancement.
1999 Bypass system in both streams and support combustion in other streams was also commissioned.
1999 Erected and commissioned one more Chlorinator in Chlorination section.
2003 New modern Lime Preparation Plant (LPP) for effluent neutralization was
2004 Commissioned new DM Plant and added two more digesters in IBP.
2004 Commissioned a new product packaging machine, modern energy efficient filter and drier system, DCS system in Unit-400.
2005 World class quality management systems like ISO 14001 and OSHAS-1800 implemented
2006 Capacity enhancement to 40,000MT
2006 Foundation stone laid for Titanium sponge plant
2007 Commissioned Recovery cyclone
2008 Commissioned new ETP sludge and Oxide pond
2009 Development of Nano Titanium Dioxide particles in laboratory scale.
2010 Commissioned the Enhahced Zircon Recovery plant at MS Unit.
2011 India’s first commercial titanium oxy chloride pilot plant commissioned on 16/6/2011
2011 India’s first commercial plant for synthesis of nano titanium dioxide commissioned on 19/7/2011
2011 Commissioned the Siliminite Recovery Sysytem at MS Unit
2011 Started the sale of Siliminite on 18th August 2011
2011 Birth of First Batch of Titanium Sponge on 06.09.2011
2013  Intsllaed new wet mill of 600 TPD capacity in MS plant
2014 Power trading through open access
2014 Erected and Commissioned a new Liquid Oxygen storage tank of 50 MT capacity to cater the shortage of oxygen in U300
2015 Conducted a national conference, TiCON15, to bring together countrys Titanium and associated community at Trivandrum
2015 Installed a real-time atmospheric pollution monitoring system( giant screen) as part of Companys social commitment
2016 Loading and transportation of Finished pigment in bulk tankers on trial basis to meet customer requirements