KMML Library and Documentation Centre is one of the largest and vast collection of documents among the PSU sectors in Kerala. The Library and Documentation Centre started Functioning in KMML in 1980, As a part of the Plant technical section (PTS). Scientific Officers, Engineers, Technicians, Operators, and Analysts are the primary users of the L & D centre. The Main objectives are the Collection, Processing, Storage and Retrieval of information relating to the Minerals and metals Industries. Selection, Reproduction and dissemination of information on current development in the field of interest to the TiO2 industries. The library occupies a floor area of 2000S Ft. which is attached to the Plant Technical services building.

The library collection includes books, Periodicals, Technical reports, Instructions and Operation Manuals, Trade Literature, Standards, Specifications, Plant equipment drawings and Allied drawings which are served in closed access manner.

L&D Centers has computerized all its operations by using integrated Library software KOHA. Moreover, this collection has been enhanced by adding a Digital Library using ‘D Space’ to facilitate the information exchange quickly and easily.

Working Hrs : 9.00 AM - 5.00 PM

Holiday: Sundays and 2nd & 4th Saturdays

Online Library Catalogue@KMML

The KMML Library Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) provides access to details of books and other material that are available in the library and Documentation Centre. The L & D is in the process of reviewing and updating the catalogue records in order to provide access to users of KMML.

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Digital Library @KMML:

The Digital Repository of KMML Titanium Pigment Unit is a collection of General Documents, Specifications, Standards, Reports and more...

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