Air Pollution Control Measures adopted by KMML

System for Scrubbing of emission through the stack:

  • KMML has efficient systems for scrubbing the waste gases before letting out to the atmosphere.
  • The waste gases from the plant are scrubbed in three stages. In the first two stages, the gases are scrubbed in dilute Hydrochloric Acid (acid scrubbing). In the third stage, gases are scrubbed with Lime Scrubber (lime scrubbing).
  • These gases are let out to the atmosphere with an additional air supply of about 22,000 M3/hr. This supply of air helps mainly for the transportation and discharge of the scrubbed gases to a higher elevation in the atmosphere.
  • Sampling and analysis of the stack gas is done every month through an agency approved by the Pollution Control Board and reports are submitted to the Board regularly.
  • KMML is installing two additional scrubbers for improved scrubbing.

Online Stack Monitoring system and Ambient Air Monitoring System:

  • KMML is installing an Online Monitoring System and Ambient Air Monitoring System to help check Air Pollution.