Titanium Tetra Chloride

General Description

Titanium tetra Chloride (synonym – Tickle) is produced as an intermediary product in the production of rutile grade titanium dioxide pigment. It is colourless to pale yellow liquid. Titanium Tetra Chloride reacts violently on contact with water and expands to 1600 times its liquid volume on exposure creating smoke screen and thereby necessitate careful handling.


Titanium Tetra Chloride is exclusively used in the manufacture of Titanium dioxide pigment, Titanium sponge/metal. Titanium salts, Butyl titanate and Titanium oxy-chlorides.

Typical Properties

Physical Properties
Appearance Colourless to pale yellow liquid at room temperature
Odour Pungent fumes of hydrochloric acid
Bolling Point 135.8º C
Freezing Point -25º C
Flash Point Not inflammable
Explosive properties Not applicable
Vapour pressure 1.2 kPA at 20º C
Specific gravity 1.728 at 20º C
Viscosity Reacts violently with water, aquous solutions and many organic liquids. Miscible with some hydrocarbons and halogenated hydrocarbons


Chemical Properties
TiCl 4 >99.5%
VOCl 3 <5 ppm
SiCl 4 <100 ppm
AlCl 3 <2 ppm
C organics <100 ppm
Residue remaining at 150º C <0.1%
Dissolved gases O 2, N 2, CO2, HCl
Molecular weight 189.73
Critical Temperature 358º C
Specific heat of liquid at 25º C -37.53 Cal/degree C
Dielectric constant 2.79
Conductivity Almost zero


200-lit MS drum with two caps on the top side.