General Description

KEMOX RC 800 PG + is a tailor made plastic grade rutile TiO2 pigment for heavily TiO2 loaded plastic masterbatches with increased filterability. It is a low oil absorption, medium durable multiphase alumina treated pigment produced by chloride process. The poly carboxylic acid is incorporated in TiO2 for excellent brightness and improved dispersion. The pigment has good tinting strength, excellent gloss and improved filter pressure values (Low filter pressure values).


KEMOX RC 800 PG + finds application in plastic requiring a blue white high dispersion TiO2.    

Major area of application is in high loaded masterbatches, polyolefin films and in pipe and other plastic applications.

Typical Properties

Item Value
Titanium Dioxide % 95.3
Rutile content % 99+
Specific Gravity 4.1
Bulk density (g/cc) 0.87
Treatment Al / Poly Carboxylic / Polyol
Oil Absorption 15-16 g/100 g of pigment
Ph 5.0 – 7.0
Volatile matter at 105 c (%) 0.3
Average practical size microns, (Microtrac) 0.30
Resistivity 10000 (min)
FPV (EN ISO 23900-5 : 2019-01) 0.03 bar/g
Grit (325 mesh) % <0.2


25 Kg multi-wall paper bags