Kemox RC 822+

General Description

KEMOX RC 822+ is a Silica/Alumina modified chloride process rutile titanium dioxide pigment which combines outstanding durability, gloss retention and high tint strength


KEMOX RC 822+ is recommended for evaluation in

  • Exterior and interior industrial coatings
  • Exterior and interior architectural coatings
  • Powder coatings
  • Solvent and water based coatings
  • PVC and Vinyl pipes

KEMOX RC822+ is intended for wide range of applications. It is too diverse to cover adequately in a TDS 

Typical Properties

Item Value
Titanium Dioxide % 92.0
Rutile content % 99+
Specific Gravity (g/cc) 4.0
Bulk density (g/cc) 0.95
Treatment Si / Al / Organic
Oil Absorption 19g /100g of pigment
Resistivity 7000
Ph 7.0
Volatile matter at 105 c (%) 0.5 (max)
Average practical size microns, (Micron) 0.33
Grit (325 mesh) % <0.2
Durability Very High
ISO 591 / ASTM D476 R2 / Type III & IV


25 kg multi wall paper bags/ 1 MT Jumbo Bags(On demand)