General Description

Kemox RC 808 IS chloride process rutile dioxide pigment surface treated with alumina, zirconia and silica. It is designed to a universal grade suitable for multipurpose applications where outstanding optical properties, very good gloss retention and chalk resistance are required.

Kemox RC 808 gives high gloss, haze free finishes and high brightness. It is easily dispersed and has high tinting strength and produces clean shades in tints.


Kemox RC 808 is recommended for automotive, industrial and architectural finishes. It is also recommended for oil coating, radiation cured finishes, emulsion paint systems powder coating, water borne coatings and printing inks. It can also be used for letter-presses gravure, polyamides and other inks where low abrasive pigments are required.

Typical Properties

Item Value
Titanium Dioxide % 92.8
Rutile content % 99+
Specific Gravity 4
Bulk density (g/cc) 0.85
Treatment Al, Zr, Si
Oil Absorption 20g oil/100g pigment
Ph 7.3
Volatile matter at 105 c (%) 0.5
Average practical size microns, (Microtrac) 0.33
Chalk resistance High
Grit (325 mesh) % <0.2
ISO 591 Clause R2


25 kg multi wall paper bags