General Description

Kemox RC 822 is a silica alumina and organic treated titanium dioxide pigment produced by the chloride process. It has the highest degree of gloss and tint retention properties in exterior film applications. It is characterized by an optical balance of high initial gloss, ease of dispersion, opacifying power and exterior weathering properties.


Kemox RC 822  is recommended for interior and exterior enamels and lacquers for industrial and architectural purpose.

Typical Properties

Item Value
Titanium Dioxide % 91.5
Rutile content % 99+
Specific Gravity 4
Bulk density (g/cc) 0.87
Treatment Al, Si
Oil Absorption 19.7g oil/100g pigment
Ph 7.1
Volatile matter at 105 c (%) 0.6
Average practical size microns, (Microtrac) 0.33
Chalk resistance High
Grit (325 mesh) % <0.2
ISO 591 Clause R2
FPV (EN ISO 23900-5 : 2019-01)                                                                    0.03 bar/g


25 kg multi wall paper bags