Medical Aids

KMML is extending facilities to the nearby Public Health Centre, like supply of drinking water, medicines, oxygen cylinders etc. Company also conducts free medical camps for the local public.

  • Supply of an autoclave to P.H.Centre, Chavara for sterilization of Medical Equipments.
  • Supply of 9 numbers of  oxygen cylinders and accessories to P.H.Centre,Chavara.
  • Financial assistance to P.H.Centre,Chavara for procurement of medicines.
  • An eye treatment camp for the residents of Chavara/ Panmana panchayaths
  • 1200 persons attended this camp. Out of them 78 were given further expert treatment at Aravind Eye Hospital,Thirunelveli. All expenses for the above camp and further treatment were born by the company.
  • A medical camp for the residents of Kalary ward of Panmana panchayath on 21-09-2003.
  • About 700 patients attended the camp and free treatment/ medicines were extended to them.
  • Medical assistance to a large number of persons in Chavara / Panmana panchayaths.

Company also provides financial assistance to needy individuals suffering from serious diseases.