Drinking water supply to the local public

At present KMML is providing 400 m3/day of drinking water to public by laying about 55 Km of pipeline in different directions from the plant as a center. Company has also contributed for constructing two over-head water storage tanks (75000 litres capacity), outside company premises for Panmana panchayat, for storage and supply of drinking water to local public through the local authorities.

  • The entire area of Meppad,Chittoor,Panmana,Kolam and Kalari wards of Panmana Panchayath are provided with potable water by the company.
  • Part of Thottinvadakku ward and Kovilthottam ward of Chavara Panchayath are also covered in the water supply scheme.
  • The pipeline network for the water supply scheme extends to about 50km.
  • 3,60,000 liters of water is supplied daily to the public by the above system. The duration of supply is now 2hrs. per day.
  • In addition, round the clock water supply is provided to Chavara P.H.Centere, Chavara Police Station, Chavara Veterinary Hospitla, SI Quarters and Chavara Govt.Higher Secondary School.
  • Special supply of water is arranged for functions like marriage, house warming etc. in the surrounding area on specific request. Similar supply is also provided to Temples, Mosques and Churches.
  • The investment cost of providing the pipeline network of KMML water supply scheme is around Rs.30 lakhs.
  • The amount being spent by KMML towards the cost of production of water supplied to the public is about Rs.1 lakh per month. Additional cost of upkeep and maintenance of the pipeline network is also met by the company.
  • The water supplied to the public is from bore well dug in KMML premises. The ground water is first treated in KMML’s state of the art treatment plant and then chlorinated as per requirement and then only supplied to the public.