The mineral-rich sands harvested from the captive beaches are first taken to the Mineral Separation Unit (MS Unit) where the separation of Ilmenite, Rutile, Leucoxone, Monazite, Silliminite etc from the beach sand takes place. The MS Unit employs Gravitational, Magnetic, High tension electrostatic techniques for separation of minerals from the sand.

The Process at MS Unit is as follows

  • Wet Concentration Plant
  • Beach washing sand having low grade heavy mineral content is upgraded using  spiral concentrators at various stages.
  • The concentrate thus obtained is washed with fresh water and dehydrated using hydro cyclone
  • Dryer Plant
  • Fluidized bed dryer is used to remove the moisture and to maintain sand temperature at 100 degree Celsius
  • Furnace oil is used as fuel for the fluidized bed dryer
  • High capacity fans are used for fluidization of sand
  • Dried concentrate is fed to dry mill
  • Dry Mill
  • Concentrate is separated into conducting and non-conducting fractions by using high-tension electrostatic separators
  • Conducting fraction is further separated into magnetic (Ilmenite) and non-magnetic fraction (rich in Rutile) by using magnetic separators
  • Non-conducting fraction is transferred to Zircon plant for producing zircon
  • Non-magnetic fraction is transferred to Rutile recovery plant for the separation of Rutile
  • Finished product of dry mill is Ilmenite
  • Rutile Recovery Plant
  • Non-magenetic fraction is processed at various stages  using High Tension Electrostatic Separators, Induced Roll Magnetic Separators and seived in suitable mesh to produce specified quality Rutile.
  • Rutile is packaged in 50 Kg bags
  • Zircon Plant
  • Non-conducting fraction is fed through series of non-conductor cleaner configuration High Tension /Electrostatic Separators fafter seiving with suitable mesh for purifying non- conducting fraction
  • Air tables are operated to remove quartz and Sillimenite ifrom  Zircon rich sand
  • Zircon concentrate from air tables are fed through series of high tension electrostatic / magnetic separators for the production of zircon
  • Zircon is packaged in 50 Kg bags