Digestor of IBP

The Ilmenite Beneficiation Plant is designed and installed based on the BCA Cyclic Process Technology supplied by M/s. Benilite Corporation of America. The Plant is in a single stream and is subdivided into six major sections, based on operation:

  • Raw Material and Reductant handling
  • Roasting and Cooling
  • Digestion and Filtration
  • Calcination and Cooling
  • Acidic Liquor Treatment
  • Tank Farm

Process Outline:

  • The raw Ilmenite (RI) containing 58 -60% Titanium Dioxide is beneficiated to 90% Titanium Dioxide content.
  • The beneficiated Ilmenite (BI) is the raw material for the Pigment Production Plant.
  • The ferric oxide in the RI is subjected to high temperature in Roaster. The Fe2O3 is reduced to leachable FEO form.
  • Roaster

C + CO2 = 2CO

2C + O2 = 2CO

Fe2O3 + C = 2FeO

Fe2O3 + CO = 2FeO + CO

  • The reduced Ilmenite (ReI) is then cooled and sent to digesters where it is leached with 18 – 20% Hydrochloric acid.
  • Digester

TiO2 + HCl + FeO = TiO2 + FeCl2 + HCl

TiO2 + 6HCl + Fe2O3 = TiO2 + 2FeCl3 + 3H2O

  • The spent leach liquor is sent to storage tanks. The leached Ilmenite after washing and filtering is calcined to get beneficiated Ilmenite.